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DLDB Analytics

Location analytics

Know where your application is used. DLDB also provides the context to the location, such as home, work, commute and popular places - without telling the location.

Segmentation and A/B testing

Basic technology segmentation, plus additional segmentation based on stored data.

Session and event analytics

Shows how often the app is used, what are the most popular functions and events in the application.

Funnels, retention and churn

Analyze how people interact with the application, where they drop off. What is the user retention and churn.

Crash and technical analytics

Shows if, where and when the app faces any technical problems.
  • Increase retention of users by placing them into context - why, where and how they are using your app.
  • Reduce churn by engaging and interacting with customers when and where it is most convenient for them
  • Improve the app UX and services based on movement and usage patterns

Compare with others

  • Location data
  • Store private data
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Quick set up
  • Cheap to set up
  • Cheap to maintain
DLDBCloud basedBuild your own
Location dataOXO
Store private dataOXO
100% GDPR compliantO??
Quick set upO?X
Cheap to set upOOX
Cheap to maintainO?X
DLDB is a true and the best alternative to Google Analytics, Mixpanel and Firebase !

Protecting data

DLDB makes GDPR easy

  • The right to erasure
  • The right to restrict processing
  • The right to object
And all the other rights are covered

Data stays in the device

  • Raw data never leaves the device
  • Only statistical metrics are sent out
  • No personal data can be queried as a value
Data stays always with the user

DLDB does not have data

  • DLDB never uses the data
  • DLDB never gives access to 3rd party
  • DLDB never sells the data
  • DLDB never access the data
Our business is analytics, not data

Getting started

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DLDB dashboard screenshot

DLDB is available in following flavours:

IoT (soon to be released):



Kasper Kerem
CEO and co-founder.
Has more than 15 years of experience in location data analytics.
Christophe Rhin
Co-founder and CTO.
Has 20+ years of experience in location-aware and GIS apps.